Colorado’s premier choice for epoxy flooring systems

We offer the best in epoxy garage floors and epoxy commercial flooring. We specialize in floor coatings for Garages, Basements, Patios, and Commercial/Industrial Flooring. Your epoxy flooring will be beautiful, installed quickly, durable and guaranteed to last! Turn your boring garage floor into a spectacular Garage Floor with Epoxy Colorado (Powered By Seal Colorado, Inc.). We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau and believe that quality, value, and excellent customer service are what our clients deserve.

Great Features of Epoxy Colorado:

  • 1-Day Install
  • Vehicle-Ready in 24 Hours
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Durable Gloss Finish
  • Superior Abrasion Resistance
  • Easy To Maintain With EpoxyClean Kit
  • Resistant to: solvents, chemicals, and oils
  • Eco-Friendly & Low VOCs

WATCH a Garage Floor Installation

Our system starts with preparation. We prepare the surface of the concrete so the patented epoxy garage floor coating adheres to the surface and creates a remarkable bond. Our well-trained staff can install your new epoxy flooring as quickly as one day. Compare this to the industry standard and we’ll have you parking on your new garage floor in less than a quarter of the time that most other epoxies require.

With as many as 200 color choices you have the ability to create your own custom epoxy floor coating. We are committed to making your garage floor look amazing! Our epoxy flooring is the most advanced and long lasting floor of its kind. We’re so confident in our product, we warranty the materials and labor for as long as you own your home!

With our one day install, your ability to drive on the epoxy 24 hours after completion, and our lifetime warranty we are the best solution for epoxy flooring customers! Who wants to wait 3-5 days for our competitors to be ready? Nobody! Don’t wait; call us today 303-219-1997 or 970-773-9723 or Request An Estimate

Great Features of Epoxy Colorado:

  • Basement Floor Epoxy
  • Epoxy Coatings on Patios
  • Epoxy Floor Coatings in Warehouses
  • Showrooms and Dealerships Professional Epoxy Floor
  • Mechanic Shop Epoxy Floor
  • Epoxy Flooring System for Most Commercial Requirements

EPOXY COLORADO is the best solution in Denver and Northern Colorado (Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Longmont and more) for homeowners and business owners alike looking for a durable and awesome garage floor. Contact us today for a free estimate, call 303-219-1997 or 970-773-9723 or