Now that you have installed your new beautiful and durable epoxy garage floor, or hospital floor, or car showroom floor, or  whatever it may be.You are probably wondering how best to maintain it and keep it looking brand Spanking new! Follow our tips and tricks below and you can keep your new floor in great condition despite the heavy traffic it is getting.


Many people ask if they can use dish soap, regular floor cleaning, concrete cleaning supplies, etc. the answer technically is, yes, but these will not do the best job possible. In order to successfully maintain your floor, we suggest the EpoxyClean Kit  specially created and sold for epoxy floors only.

Why do we recommend this product? Well, first of all it is designed and created specifically for Epoxy floors by an epoxy floor installer and has several crucial elements that make it the best product on the market that we know of.

Epoxy floors are extremely durable for heavy traffic, which means that wherever they are gets heavy traffic and most cleaners cannot handle the amount of traffic that an epoxy floor gets. From Salts, oil drips, chemical spills or other fluids that you might find in a lab or a hospital, this cleaner is strong enough to remove and clean off these strong spills. Please note that it is important to invest in a squeegee in order for the cleaner to work most efficiently.  

EpoxyClean is also non-toxic, meaning even if you are using it on your garage floor, you don’t need to worry about chemical exposure to your kids, pets or employees! This is a rare but important feature as we want

Because of the efficiency and safety of this product, you can use it on your floor up to once a month. But, epoxy installers recommend a minimum of at least two times a year.

Don’t let your beautiful new floor get dull and grimy. Contact Epoxy Colorado today and inquire about obtaining an epoxy clean kit for your floor today