Janitor cleaning an epoxy floor coating in a commercial garage

3 Reasons Denver Business Owners Prefer Epoxy Flooring

September 20, 2019

No business owner wants to spend copious amounts of money on a floor that will need constant repairs and maintenance. As a Denver business owner, you want to make a solid investment in your local shop, restaurant, or workspace—and when it comes to flooring epoxy is the answer.

Epoxy flooring is versatile and easy to install—making it the smart choice for any local business owner no matter the industry. From food service to car maintenance to back office, epoxy flooring could be the right flooring solution for you. Here’s why many business owners in Denver already prefer epoxy. 

1. Easy to clean

Epoxy flooring is especially easy to clean and maintain. To ensure a long lifespan, you should plan to sweep the flooring daily to remove any grit, dust, and dirt and clean it with a mild scrubber once per week to maintain shine. With its seamless surface, you’ll never deal with moldy grout or peeling tile—it’s a win!

2. Quickly installed

Looking to minimize your business downtime? You’re in luck—epoxy flooring only takes 24 hours to install and cure before you’re back to work. You’ll be able to improve safety for customers and employees with epoxy’s slip-resistant surface without taking too much time off. 

3. Durable

Planning to really work on your new epoxy flooring? No matter how hard you work—or how hard you beat on the floor—it’s guaranteed to look amazing for years. Epoxy flooring is one of the most durable surfaces and is credited with lasting 2 to 3 years in heavy foot traffic.

Epoxy Colorado: We Install Epoxy Flooring Throughout Denver, CO

We offer the best epoxy coatings in Denver. Specializing in floor coatings for garages, basements, and commercial spaces, Epoxy Colorado values each and every customer and provide excellent service no matter the project. 

At Epoxy Colorado, we offer epoxy installation for any space near Colorado Springs, CO. Our team works fast to deliver results—your floor will be ready in just 24 hours and we offer a lifetime warranty. Contact us today to learn more and request a FREE estimate here.

Don’t live in Denver? No worries—Epoxy Colorado also offers epoxy coating installation and more in Colorado Springs and across Northern Colorado. 

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