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6 Ways Epoxy Flooring Can Increase Your Property Value

Did you know you can completely transform your home’s aesthetic appeal and increase its value in as little as 1 to 2 days? While many homeowners might not initially put flooring on the top of their home renovation list and, in doing so, overlook the potential benefits this process can bring, we are happy to share that upgrading your home has never been easier with the help of epoxy flooring. 

Epoxy flooring is one of the most sought-after flooring products due to its strength and versatility, and whether it’s installed indoors or outdoors, it can significantly increase the value of a property. Interested in learning more about epoxy flooring’s value-creation capabilities? Read on for insight from the experts at Epoxy Colorado as we break down 6 ways epoxy flooring can increase your property value. 

What is Epoxy Flooring? 

Epoxy flooring is a type of flooring product created by a combination of resins and hardeners, which when combined, form a very rigid, strong surface to be used in a variety of environments. Normally installed above existing concrete floors, epoxy resin flooring makes a seamless, durable, shining, unique and eye-catching surface. It can be installed on indoor and outdoor surfaces, and with the infusion of vinyl flakes, dyes, and other additives, epoxy flooring can be completely customized to suit your aesthetic vision and practical needs. Epoxy flooring is incredibly popular for a reason, and it builds property value in the following ways: 

1. Aesthetic Appeal

First and foremost, epoxy flooring creates an unmatched aesthetic appeal that cannot be accomplished with other flooring materials. It comes in many styles, colors, and finishes that can match any home’s theme, easily catching the eye of visitors, guests, and potential home buyers. Glossy epoxy flooring with metallic elements or even vinyl flake patterning provides a modernized look to a home, and its resilience can give your home the appearance it deserves. 

One of the biggest advantages of epoxy flooring is its ability to be customized and provide flexibility in the design process. It can be made using over 200 different colors and its variety of patterns and unique textures are limited only by your imagination. Truly, every epoxy floor can be differently designed giving your home a one-of-a-kind feel. By boosting your home’s aesthetic appeal, it’s more likely to be an attractive investment for potential buyers. 

2. Durability

Many homeowners worry about the durability of new floors, especially when they are installing new flooring material in a space with high amounts of traffic such as a garage, patio, entryway, or kitchen. Fortunately, epoxy flooring is extremely resilient and very durable - it is non-porous, fully waterproof, chemical and abrasion-resistant, and it can easily withstand heavy equipment and traffic, including high impact such as dropping heavy tools. This means that by investing in epoxy flooring, your home’s floors will remain beautiful and in good condition, and it will not break down with extensive use. Durable floors lead to fewer repairs and replacements which therein results in a higher home value. 

3. Longevity 

Similarly to the above, epoxy floors have impressive longevity. When installed correctly, epoxy flooring should last at least 25 years. In fact, at Epoxy Colorado we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our installations because we are so confident that it will last the test of time. When homeowners (especially new buyers) have peace of mind that their flooring will not need to be replaced any time soon, they can be confident in their investment and will be more likely to pay a higher price for the home knowing repair and maintenance costs will be limited down the line. By installing epoxy flooring, a property’s value undeniably increases by being viewed as a safe long-term investment. 

4. Environmentally Friendly

Epoxy flooring is an environmentally friendly flooring material, and this unique trait can be used as a selling point for home buyers who are evermore conscious of where their money is being spent. On one hand, epoxy resins for flooring have a low volatile organic compound (VOC) as compared to some other materials. This results in better air quality both during and after application, because there is nothing in epoxy flooring that can evaporate and contribute to air pollution.

On the other hand, the extreme toughness, durability, and longevity of epoxy flooring means that it will last for many years. Requirements to replace the flooring will be infrequent compared to carpets, timber or tiles, which is also good news from an eco-friendly perspective.

5. Enhanced Safety 

Safety is a perfect way to increase a property’s value. Your property can be made safer with epoxy floors if you opt to have slip-resistant additives included as an added precautionary feature. Slip resistance is often used in wet areas, and outside around pool areas, footpaths and even driveways. Furthermore, the non-porous and waterproof nature of epoxy flooring completely prevents moisture damage which would otherwise lead to dangerous mold growth. For young and mature families alike, enhanced safety is a sure way to increase property value. 

6. Cost-Effective 

Epoxy flooring is also extremely cost-effective. Not only is it installed for a reasonable price, but epoxy flooring’s simple and inexpensive maintenance, low repair costs, and long lifespan all result in a flooring option that is friendly for your budget and promises lower long-term expenses for the property. A property’ value can soar if it promises to have low operating costs now and in the future. 

Increase Your Property’s Value with Epoxy Flooring

The ease with which you can increase your property’s value is matched only by the speed and hassle-free installation of the product itself! In as little as one to two days and minimal interruption to your life, installing epoxy flooring can completely transform the aesthetic beauty of your home while simultaneously increasing your property’s value for years to come. Are you ready to increase your Colorado home’s value with an epoxy flooring installation? Contact the experts at Epoxy Colorado today to learn more!

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