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How to Repair Damaged Epoxy Flooring

February 19, 2021

Epoxy is sturdy; it can withstand years of heavy wear and tear. But even as one of the most reliable, high-strength flooring options out there, epoxy can still experience damage over time. A well-loved epoxy floor system can sustain cracks, peeling, or discoloration. Improperly installed DIY flooring is even more susceptible to damage. Luckily, most issues can be repaired

How to Repair Chips or Cracks 

The inevitable chip and crack can be annoying. But there are a handful of methods used to fix these issues. Smaller fissures can be filled in with mortar. Apply the compound directly over the cracks and chips and use a trowel to work it in completely in an even layer. Let the material cure for about 60 days. Once it’s fully cured, you can apply a new layer of epoxy.

A good epoxy patching kit can replace mortar to speed up this process. 

If the damage is far more extensive than a handful of minor cracks and chips, you may need to take more extreme measures to repair the flooring. You’ll likely need to resurface the entire area before applying new epoxy.

How to Repair Bubbles 

Bubbles can sometimes rise in fresh epoxy due to a natural process called outgassing. It’s caused by trapped air or gasses escaping from the concrete slab. A number of factors can increase the likelihood of outgassing including a poorly prepped floor, temperature changes, or improperly mixed epoxy solution. The result will be interspersed pinholes, blisters, or craters. 

The best way to remedy this situation is to re-install the epoxy. Once the initial flooring attempt dries, buff down the epoxy with a rotary scrubber or diamond grinder. Use a shop vac to clean up the dust and thoroughly wipe down the area with a solvent solution. Now you can reattempt the epoxy install. 

How to Repair Peeling 

Another common issue you might encounter is peeling epoxy. This could be the result of hot tire pickup, installation failure, or simply old age. Regardless, it leads to an unappealing, weathered floor. 

If you want to get your floor looking brand new, you’ll need to remove the existing coating. You can do this with a rotary scrubber or a 3-inch scraper. You can also use a high-strength paint stripper but more caution must be taken when working with this. Once you remove the coating, cleanse the floor with an acidic cleaner and follow with two scrub rinses. Now you can re-install the flooring. 

How to Repair Discoloration

It’s not uncommon for aging epoxy to take on an odd color. This could also be an issue stemming from the beginning of the installation. Anything from exceeding the epoxy pot life to exposure to UV rays can create discoloration. 

There are several ways to address discoloration. Minor blotches can be easily concealed by installing a tinted sealer. You can use it as a spot treatment or apply it to the entire floor. To darken up light patches, use a water-based stain or dye. Remember to leave your stain or sealer to dry for at least 4 hours.  

When is it Time to Replace My Epoxy Flooring?

If there is major damage, you’ll likely need to replace your epoxy flooring. As we just went over, peeling, bubbles and chips could all require a brand-new coating of epoxy. Generally, if there are significant cosmetic issues with your floor, you might need to think about replacing the flooring system. 

The lifespan of an epoxy flooring system will vary depending on the amount of traffic it supports. Most epoxy floors will last 5 to 10 years but can hold up a lot longer in residential settings. If you notice any of the above issues arising, it might not be a bad idea to plan a new installation.

Before you go spending money on any of this, check with your epoxy installer to better understand what’s covered under the epoxy installation warranty. Some repairs might be covered while others aren’t.

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