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The Perfect Flooring Option for Snow

November 1, 2021

Snow can be a majestic, highly-anticipated harbinger of the holiday season. It can also be a key ingredient in the demise of your clean floors. 

Muddy boot prints, puddles, rock salt – snow comes with an annoyingly wide range of messy chaos. Those of us who live in a colder climate can relate to how sloppy your floor can get after a fresh blanket of snow starts to melt. On top of the mess, it can also be downright freezing walking around with bare feet. 

So if you live in a place with lots of snow, what’s the perfect flooring solution for you? Let’s take a look at some of the best options.      

Factors You Might Want to Consider

During the winter months, there are two primary features a homeowner might desire when considering new flooring during winter: easy clean-up and a warm feel. 

Snow can make a huge mess – especially when it starts to melt. Areas such as your mudroom, garage, or entryways can get really sloppy after a snowstorm. Between puddles of snowmelt and mud, your floor endures a lot during the winter months. 

Another desirable trait of a floor during winter is a warm under-foot feel. We lose a lot of heat from our feet. Walking around barefoot on cold flooring doesn’t exactly exude comfort. Many homeowners are looking for warm flooring during winter. 

Best Flooring Options for Snow 

There are a variety of flooring options that could be well-suited for the snow. Here are some of the top options to choose from: 


Epoxy is a top-tier flooring solution for so many reasons. It’s a sturdy, attractive option ideal for snowy climates. Since epoxy is easy to clean up, it doesn’t require a lot of effort to maintain throughout the winter months. 

It’s a popular choice for garages but it can also suit other areas well too. Basements, sunrooms, and entryways are also great rooms for this flooring material.

If you do install epoxy somewhere you’ll be walking barefoot such as the basement, you can add heating components under the floor. 


Carpet is a traditional favorite featured in many homes. One major benefit is that it’s softer and warmer on the feet. It certainly captures a cozy, inviting feel during a snowstorm. 

On the flip side, carpet is not always easy to keep clean. Even if you take your shoes off at the entryway, snow and mud can still find their way onto your flooring. 

Since carpet is difficult to keep clean in the winter, it’s best to reserve it for bedrooms and non-entry level floors.  


If you’re looking for a fairly easy-to-clean, stylized flooring option, tile might be a great choice for you. It’s much easier to clean than carpet. Plus, moisture won’t damage the floor. 

Where tile excels in cleanliness, it falls short in comfort. Since it’s a heat conductor, it can feel ice cold to the touch when it snows.  Luckily, you can artificially heat this flooring with an in-floor heating system. 

It should also be noted that tile can be a pricey option. If this is the route you choose, be prepared to lay down a good chunk of change for it. 

Vinyl Flooring

Homeowners looking for an option that can both stay warm and is easy to clean can look no further than vinyl flooring. This versatile option offers a DIY-friendly installation at a low price tag. 

There is a myriad of colors, patterns, and textures to choose from when you select vinyl flooring. You can mimic a tiled look or you can even install a wood floor look alike. It offers a more attainable price tag for luxury looks. 

Durable and easy to clean, vinyl flooring is a wonderful option during the winter. Unlike other easy-to-clean options, it has a relatively warm under-foot feel. In fact, it can insulate almost as well as carpet. 

Which Option is Best For Me? 

The best flooring for you will depend on your needs. As mentioned, there are two major factors to consider when choosing flooring with snow in mind: how easy it is to clean and a comfortable underfoot feel. At the end of the day, the best flooring for you will depend on your individual needs.

Reference this quick breakdown to see where you may fall:

  • Choose epoxy if you want a sturdy, easy-to-clean option with an abundance of style options. 
  • Choose carpet for flooring areas away from entryways for warmer feet.
  • Choose tile if you want a stylized, easy-to-clean option, especially if you can afford to add a heating system.
  • Choose vinyl if you want an insulated, easy-to-clean option for cheaper.  

If you do choose to go with epoxy this winter, get in touch with Epoxy Colorado! We retain a well-trained staff that can get your flooring installed in as little as one day’s time. We’ll walk you through the process from selecting a color to including heated flooring. Get in touch with any and all questions!


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