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What is the Curing Time for Epoxy Flooring?

November 20, 2020

If you’re thinking about installing epoxy flooring in your home or commercial building, you’re likely wondering how long the entire process takes. This can be especially pressing if you’re planning on installing it in a high-use area such as a garage

Usually, the installation process itself can be finished within a day or two. This will typically depend on how much preparation the old floor will need before the new floor can be placed. Once the flooring is installed, all you need to do is wait. But how long will it take to fully cure? 

How Long Does Epoxy Flooring Take to Cure? 

Cure time for epoxy flooring will vary from job to job. A number of factors will play into the exact time it will take to dry, including the type of epoxy application you’ve selected. The solids content of the products being used will also have an effect on return-to-use time. If using 100% solids epoxy, your floor will be cured and walkable in about 12 - 18 hours. You can return to full heavy traffic after about 36 - 72 hours.

Most epoxies reach full chemical cure within 7 days of application. When using polyaspartic, the cure times are increased – especially with 100% solids products. Most polyaspartics are walkable after 6 hours and can be returned to normal service after 24 hours.

When Can I Walk on My New Epoxy Floor?

You don’t have to wait until your epoxy floor is fully cured to walk on it. Most experts agree that epoxy is safe to walk on after about 25 hours (that extra hour counts) and polyaspartic is ready after about 6 hours. But it’s still a good idea to wait the full 48 - 72 hours before exposing your new floor to any heavy traffic or heavy equipment.   

Will Winter Temperatures Change the Curing Time? 

Weather conditions can affect the viscosity, adhesion, and curing time of epoxy flooring. So in short, yes. Winter temperatures can play a role in how long the installation takes. Typically, a good range for applying epoxy is anywhere from 55 - 90 degrees Fahrenheit though certain epoxies and polyaspartics are manufactured specifically for lower temperatures, even below freezing. But the temperature of the floor is more important than the temperature of the air. 

Before an installation can commence, it’s important to check the slab temperature with an infrared thermometer. If you have a heated garage, it can take days for the slab to get up to the proper temperature so plan ahead. Also, keep in mind that you need to maintain that heat throughout the drying process or your floor might not cure properly. 

Humidity can also play a role in curing time. It’s best to hold off on installation if humidity levels are above 85%. This can cast a thin layer of moisture over the epoxy and affect its bond to the surface. Again, this is dependent on the type of product you use. Some resinous flooring will cure faster and stronger with higher humidity, while others require low humidity. 

The bottom line: ensure that whoever is installing your flooring has taken all of these elements into consideration so they can choose the best product for your floor.

Ready to Install Your Epoxy Floor? 

There are countless reasons why you should choose epoxy flooring. From its superior abrasion resistance to its sleek finish, epoxy flooring is a winning option for your home or business. Your epoxy floor will even hold up against high-traffic wear and tear. 

Whether you need a new floor for your garage or want to spruce up your restaurant, Epoxy Colorado is here to help! We can install your epoxy flooring in as little as one day. Our team delivers a top-tier install every time!

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