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From business owners with warehouses and office facilities to homeowners with tricky garage spaces, the appeal of polished concrete has never been stronger. Whether you’re looking for a high-gloss flooring solution or an option for thorough durability, continue reading for an in-depth look into the basics of polished concrete and the benefits it brings. 

An Overview Of Concrete Polishing 

Existing concrete flooring in almost any condition can be resurfaced and polished into a vibrant new finish. Heavy-duty polishing machines with progressively finer grits are used to grind down concrete surfaces into a glossy, mirror-like result giving your space a significant aesthetic and quality upgrade at a fraction of the cost of alternative flooring materials. 

Once the top layer of the concrete floor is ground down to your requirements, it can still be finished further with overlays, stains, dyes, and decorative patterns, or simply left with the natural gray shine. 

Where Is Polished Concrete Used? 

The most frequent applications of polished concrete are seen in: 

  • Large warehouses 
  • Warehouse outlets
  • Office buildings 
  • Auto showrooms
  • Retail stores
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Residential interiors

The Process of Polished Concrete

Before making a decision on polished concrete, you will probably want to know what exactly is involved and how long it might take to complete.  

The process is very similar to sanding wood, but instead of sandpaper, concrete polishing involves disks made of diamonds that vary in levels of smoothness and sheen. These diamond disks are coarse enough to remove stains, blemishes, light coatings, and minor pits from the original floor – this initial grinding is generally accomplished in a few steps starting with bigger grits on the initial layers and then transitioning to finer grits to develop the desired shine. 

After the grinding phase, an internal sealant is applied to protect the concrete from the inside out, hardening and densifying the material. A final topical coating can then be applied giving more sheen and dirt-resistant capabilities. 

What Are the Benefits Of Concrete Polishing? 

Polished concrete provides a plethora of advantages compared to other alternatives: 

  • Cost Savings: If you decide to work with your existing concrete slab, it will remove the need to buy new carpet, tile, wood, or any other available flooring types. 
  • Durability: Polished concrete is incredibly durable compared to other flooring options. It will not easily chip or scratch even in working conditions with heavy equipment or high foot traffic. 
  • Long Lifetime: In accordance with its durability, polished concrete is difficult to damage and therefore can last for a very long time. It should last at least 20 years but has the potential to have a lifetime of four times that duration. 
  • Easy to Maintain: Because polished concrete is so durable, you can have peace of mind that you’ll likely avoid extensive cleaning, repair, or replacement expenses that are common in other flooring types. If you’re wondering how to clean concrete polished floors, all that is usually required is a dust mop or broom to remove any scuffs, watermarks, dirt, and other debris to restore the shine of the surface. Less cleaning means more downtime and increased productivity. 
  • Environmentally Friendly: There are no hazardous cleaners or adhesives needed to protect or maintain concrete depending on the choice of coatings. In most cases, polished concrete projects qualify for LEED certification through the U.S Green Building Council.

Ready to Start Your Polished Concrete Project? 

Polished concrete is an incredibly worthwhile upgrade to your business or home, and the experts at Epoxy Colorado are here to help! Epoxy Colorado is your one-stop shop for specialized flooring needs and welcomes all project inquiries from polished concrete to epoxy. Check out our residential products or our commercial products to see how Epoxy Colorado can meet the demands of your flooring project. 

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