How to Clean Non-Skid Flooring

How to Clean Non-Skid Flooring

September 10, 2019

Non-skid flooring can provide you or your local business with just the right amount of protection and traction to keep your footing. Installing non-skid flooring in a garage or restaurant kitchen can help save your employees from a back-breaking fall. Even installing it at home will ensure the safety of anyone who enters your garage or patio space. But, how do you clean non-skid flooring? We’ve got the answers.

3 Ways to Properly Clean Non-Skid Flooring 

Unlike other floorings, non-skid flooring is special. When cleaning a non-skid floor, you’ll need to take a different, more gentle approach to clean than just a causal mop. Here are 3 ways to properly clean non-skid flooring.

1. Sweep with a push broom

It’s recommended to sweep any commercial non-skid flooring daily to remove debris before it hardens. This can be done as a daily chore before your business opens, or taken care of at night before going home. Instead of sweeping with a hard-bristle broom, choose a soft push broom instead. For residential non-skid flooring, sweep up once per week to avoid mess.

2. Mop with a vinegar solution

When mopping a non-skid epoxy floor, it’s best to avoid the traditional harsh chemicals you might use to disinfect hardwoods or tile. As many store-bought cleaners leave behind waxy residue, you’ll want to stick to a basic vinegar solution to clean your non-skid flooring. Simply mix together a bottle of 50-50 vinegar and water solution to keep on hand.

3. Blot to remove spills

Have an oil or grease spill on your non-skid flooring? Need to clean up some breakfast coffee that made its way to the ground? Keep soft cleaning towels on hand to blot up any messes. Never use harsh cleaning agents or hard-bristle brushes to clean up quick spills—you’ll run the risk of ruining your top coat!

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