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How to Spruce Up Your Patio with Epoxy Paint

August 26, 2019

Is your concrete patio looking a little drab? Tired of dealing with unsightly mold, cracks, and stains on your outdoor entertainment space? Want to spruce it up and give it life again? Add epoxy coating to your patio. Here’s how it works.  What Are Patio Epoxy Coatings? Patio epoxy coatings allow you to enjoy a…

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Quartz epoxy flooring for Loveland Taproom's patio

4 Benefits of Quartz Epoxy Flooring

February 8, 2019

Looking for a functional, yet beautiful option for your kitchen outdoor patio or showroom floor? Adding quartz into an epoxy flooring mixture is a little known, but excellent process that enhances the benefits of epoxy floors, specifically in commercial uses. Below we lay out 4 benefits of quartz epoxy applications so you can make the…

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Best Basement Floor Coatings to protect against Mildew and Dampness.

January 16, 2019

Getting Ready for Winter? Don’t forget about your basement space! As part of your annual prep this winter, protecting your basement should be near the top of your list for winterizing your home. Getting Ready for Winter? Don’t Forget about your Basement Space: We remember that this is your basement space. Chances are you have…

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Maintaining and Cleaning your Epoxy Floor: For Residential or Commercial Applications

December 28, 2018

Now that you have installed your new beautiful and durable epoxy garage floor, or hospital floor, or car showroom floor, or  whatever it may be.You are probably wondering how best to maintain it and keep it looking brand Spanking new! Follow our tips and tricks below and you can keep your new floor in great…

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Concrete vs Epoxy Flooring: Finding the Best Commercial Flooring Option for Your Business.

December 14, 2018

Do you own or manage a restaurant, car dealership, lab or even a hospital in Northern Colorado? If so, you know that a durable floor is absolutely essential to the functionality of your business. When it comes to durable and long-lasting flooring options, concrete flooring and Epoxy flooring are probably what comes to mind. Here…

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Top 4 Reasons to Choose an Epoxy Garage Floor:

November 30, 2018

Is an Epoxy Garage Floor Right for Me? Think of your garage for a second. What is happening in this area of your home? My bet is that the first thing that comes to mind is your car, and then you probably remember all the oil stains, antifreeze drips, chips and cracks from dropped tools,…

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