Premier Ault Residential Epoxy & Polyaspartic Flooring

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Premier Ault Residential Epoxy & Polyaspartic Flooring

Why Ault Homeowners are Opting for Epoxy Flooring Solutions

Imagine enhancing your living area without needing a larger house or an extension. Epoxy flooring offers a swift transformation, boosting utility and visual charm in garages, basements, and outdoor spaces. These surfaces frequently endure heavy use, positioning epoxy as the perfect remedy. At Epoxy Colorado, we specialize in premium residential epoxy flooring installations in Ault and have been delivering excellence for nearly ten years. Get in touch with us now for a complimentary project quote!
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Ault Residential Epoxy & Polyaspartic Flooring

Benefits of Epoxy & Polyaspartic Floors

Discover why Ault is embracing our epoxy and polyaspartic flooring solutions with enthusiasm.

1-Day Installation

Our experts can install epoxy floors within a single day. These floors boast superior durability and resistance to stains, requiring just 24 hours to cure fully.


Epoxy flooring is an environmentally conscious option. Its application involves low emissions of volatile organic compounds, highlighting its benefits for those looking to minimize their ecological footprint.

Free Estimate

We provide complimentary estimates without any obligations. Our commitment to transparency ensures that customers can quickly grasp the full scope of our services.

Lifetime Warranty

A lifetime warranty backs our flooring solutions, although their robustness means you're unlikely ever to require it.

Durable & Long-Lasting

Epoxy and polyaspartic flooring systems offer exceptional durability and are perfect for industrial settings and areas with high foot traffic.


With over 200 color options, our epoxy and polyaspartic floors provide extensive customization possibilities to match any interior design.

Easy to Maintain

Epoxy and polyaspartic floors are straightforward to maintain, thanks to their resistance to stains and chemicals and seamless finish.


Epoxy and polyaspartic flooring solutions are cost-effective and durable alternatives, demanding lower upkeep than concrete, hardwood, or tile floors.
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Types of Floors We Install

Vinyl Flake
Metallic Epoxy
Polished Concrete
Concrete Seal
Polyaspartic Flooring
Urethane Cement
Secondary Containment
Double Broadcast Quartz
vinyl flake epoxy flooring — Epoxy Colorado
Metallic Epoxy Floor
polished concrete flooring — Epoxy Colorado
polyaspartic flooring — Epoxy Colorado
urethane cement — Epoxy Colorado
secondary containment — Epoxy Colorado
double broadcast quartz floor — Epoxy Colorado

Over 200 Colors to Choose From

Popular Epoxy Color Choices

Call us to learn more about our color choices.
  • Black and white epoxy
    Brown, white, and black epoxy
    Black, white, and orange epoxy
    Gray, white, and black epoxy
    Gray, white, black, and blue epoxy
  • Blue, gray, white, and black epoxy
    Brown, beige, black, and white epoxy
    Light gray, Dark gray, and white epoxy
    Black, white, brown, and beige epoxy
    White, light gray, and dark gray epoxy
  • Gray, white, light blue, and dark blue epoxy
    Gray, white, black, and blue epoxy
    Epoxy color flakes in grey epoxy
    Dark gray, black, and white epoxy
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Providing Service to Ault Home and Business Owners for Over a Decade

Meet Your Epoxy Colorado Team

For superior floor coatings in Ault, Colorado, turn to Epoxy Colorado. Our epoxy and polyaspartic coatings are ideally suited for residential and commercial settings and can be expertly installed by our team in merely one day. As a local business owned and managed by the Trainor Brothers, we are deeply committed to the quality of our work and the community we serve. Rely on us for your flooring requirements.
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Frequently Asked Questions

While epoxy flooring isn't a newcomer in the flooring world, its use in residential spaces is relatively fresh. Below, we've compiled a list of questions we often receive from homeowners about it. If you find your query isn't covered or are interested in discussing your flooring needs and receiving a complimentary estimate, we're eager to connect with you.
Epoxy flooring is renowned for its exceptional durability. Unlike concrete, which may seem indestructible but is prone to staining, cracking, and chipping, epoxy stands resilient against these common damages, promising longevity for years, if not decades.

The endurance of an epoxy floor encompasses several variables. In a typical residential setting, an epoxy floor can maintain its appeal throughout the duration of your home ownership. In areas of heavy footfall, such as industrial or commercial spaces, its lifespan, although potentially reduced, often surpasses that of many other flooring options.
While many associate epoxy flooring primarily with garage spaces, its utility extends far beyond. Basements, for instance, are an ideal candidate for this type of flooring, transforming spaces that can appear gloomy into clean and luminous areas. Despite Colorado's generally dry climate, basements can still be prone to mold due to moisture.

Applying a layer of epoxy to your concrete floor can significantly mitigate moisture accumulation and prevent mold. Although basements and garages are the most frequent spots for epoxy flooring applications, their advantages are beneficial across many home areas. Imagine integrating a decorative epoxy floor into your laundry room, kitchen, bathroom, outdoor patio, or any space you desire to have a surface that's both simple to maintain and resilient against damage.
Choosing to install an epoxy floor comes with an array of benefits, yet there are considerations to keep in mind before making your decision. Initially, it's important to note that while epoxy floors offer slip resistance, this is mostly true for spills of a water-based nature. Spills involving oil can lead to a very slick surface, posing a hazard.

This is a key reason behind the trend of incorporating vinyl flakes into the epoxy mix—not only does it improve grip, but it also elevates the floor's aesthetic appeal. Moreover, for those who enjoy tackling projects themselves, it may come as a letdown to learn that epoxy floor installation is not a simple DIY task.

The process involves more than just painting your floor—precision and expertise are crucial. Opting for a professional team like Epoxy Colorado can save significant time and guarantee the high-quality, durable finish you're aiming for.
While installing an epoxy floor boasts numerous benefits, there are essential factors to contemplate before deciding whether it aligns with your needs. For starters, though recognized for their slip resistance, it's crucial to understand that this quality primarily pertains to water spills.

Oily substances can render the epoxy surface exceptionally slick, posing risks for pedestrians. This predicament often leads homeowners to integrate vinyl flakes into the epoxy formulation, enhancing safety through improved grip and concurrently augmenting the visual appeal of the flooring.

Additionally, do-it-yourself enthusiasts may find the epoxy flooring installation's complexity surpassing expectations. Beyond mere floor painting, achieving a professional and enduring finish demands specific skills and knowledge.

Collaborating with seasoned experts like those at Epoxy Colorado not only facilitates a smoother installation process but also assures the achievement of a superior, lasting outcome.

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For top-notch epoxy flooring in Ault, engaging professional services from a company like Epoxy Colorado is a wise choice. Boasting nearly two decades of expertise in the field, we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Reach out to us to explore our offerings or to chat about your specific flooring project.
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