Quartz epoxy flooring for Loveland Taproom's patio

4 Benefits of Quartz Epoxy Flooring

February 8, 2019

Looking for a functional, yet beautiful option for your kitchen outdoor patio or showroom floor? Adding quartz into an epoxy flooring mixture is a little known, but excellent process that enhances the benefits of epoxy floors, specifically in commercial uses. Below we lay out 4 benefits of quartz epoxy applications so you can make the most educated decision for your industry’s needs.

Benefits of Quartz Epoxy Floors and Where Best to Install It

1. Slip Resistant Flooring

Quartz in epoxy can be tailored to meet different needs according to the features you want to enhance the most. Quartz can be mixed into the epoxy application as either a sand-like texture or in bigger aggregates. The benefit of the larger aggregates is that they help in creating more slip-resistant flooring. This is especially important for hospital flooring applications, in lobbies, surgical rooms, etc. It is also widely used in commercial kitchen flooring, it adds extra resistance and texture, which is important when the chances of spills and moisture, like in a kitchen, are common.

2. Scratch Resistance and Durability

As most people know,  a major benefit of epoxy flooring applications is its indestructible and scratch-resistant features. The combination of quarts, which in itself is virtually indestructible only increases the durability of this flooring option! Adding the finer-grained quartz created an extremely strong bonded structure. Surprisingly, because of this feature quartz epoxy flooring is great for outside applications, such as patios, driveways, car repair shops, and much more!

3. Aesthetically Pleasing for any Space

While quartz epoxy flooring is very practical, the variety of color options available also makes it a very aesthetically pleasing option. Due to the above features and its clean, appealing look, this flooring option is great for unusual applications such as wedding venue flooring for both indoors/outdoors, poolside decks, vineyard, and brewery patios, and much more.

4. Economically Friendly Flooring

Last, but certainly not least, is the economic benefits of quartz epoxy flooring. Many people desire the look and durability of quartz applications, such as countertops, sinks, and floors. Now you can get those same qualities for a more affordable price in this blended flooring of quartz and epoxy!

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