Why Restaurants are Turning to Epoxy Flooring

Why Restaurants are Turning to Epoxy Flooring

January 19, 2024

What do you notice when you walk into a restaurant for the first time? You’ll no doubt take in the people, the décor, and the general vibe of a room, but your eyes tend to divert to the floor. It’s the first point of physical contact when we enter a new place, and commercial flooring can change our perception of a business within the first few seconds. This is especially true in restaurants, and not many people realize that the material used for the restaurant's physical space has nearly as significant an impact on the establishment’s success as the menu.

For customers, this means the materials used in the dining space, but the importance of high-quality flooring extends throughout the restaurant, including the kitchen. Restaurants across the United States are turning to epoxy for their flooring needs. But what about epoxy? Is it drawing their attention, and should you incorporate it into your commercial kitchen? Read on to learn why epoxy flooring is the perfect choice for restaurants.

Why Restaurants Need High-Quality Flooring 

Choosing the right type of flooring for a restaurant is a critical consideration for business owners. As we mentioned above, flooring makes a significant statement about the image and quality of the establishment, but even more importantly, flooring has a significant impact on the effectiveness and safety of the restaurant.

There are several things to consider in choosing flooring for a restaurant. Whether in the dining space or in the kitchen, a restaurant can expect a great deal of foot traffic and an inherent need for cleanliness and safety. The size of the restaurant does not matter, nor does its location or type of cuisine; the bottom line is that restaurants need flooring that is durable, well-designed, stylish, and facilitates health, safety, and hygiene. 

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring 

More than ever, restaurants are turning towards epoxy to finish their commercial space. Epoxy flooring comes with several key benefits synergistic to the dining industry, including: 


Epoxy coating bonds seamlessly to existing floor surfaces, creating durable, high-quality surfaces when it dries into its hardened form. Epoxy flooring is also very strong and resistant to wear and tear, making it an ideal choice for commercial and industrial spaces. This strength allows it to withstand the constant flow of transport vehicles, heavy machinery, appliances, and foot traffic from customers and workers. And, as epoxy flooring is resistant to sudden impact, any accidents, such as dropped plates, spillages, and falling cleaning tools, will not cause any damage to your floor surfaces.


The longevity of an epoxy floor system will vary based on thickness, use, and maintenance. Typically, epoxy floors last between 10 and 20 years, much longer than a painted concrete floor, which will chip and wear quickly in high-traffic areas.


Epoxy flooring is a popular choice for businesses needing a non-slip, durable option. Certain flooring surfaces tend to become highly slippery (and even dangerous) when wet, but our non-slip epoxy floor options can eliminate the dangers of a wet floor while simultaneously being resistant to moisture and oil. 

Spill Containment

The safety benefits of epoxy make it extremely attractive to restaurants, particularly its ability to contain all types of spills. Because epoxy is seamless and non-porous, this flooring is especially effective at preventing spills from spreading or seeping into the floor, and it makes cleaning up spills incredibly quick and easy. This is a helpful feature in restaurants, in and outside the kitchen, because spills are so common, but it can even contain spills of dangerous chemicals.  


Epoxy Colorado has over 200 color choices for our epoxy and polyaspartic floor coatings! This allows owners to match the flooring of their restaurant to the rest of its aesthetic design more easily and effectively than ever before. Whether you use epoxy flooring for the kitchen or in the dining space, this flooring brings a modern, sleek look that will perfectly suit your business needs. 

Quick and Easy Installation

Epoxy flooring has one of the quickest and easiest installation processes compared to all other options. Restaurants often cannot afford to stay closed for renovation, but epoxy flooring can be installed in a single day. 

Why Epoxy is Perfect for Commercial Kitchens 

Time and again, restaurant owners turn to epoxy flooring for their commercial kitchen. In an industry that needs a durable, safe, hygienic, and aesthetically impressive product, epoxy is the best choice. 

The durability, anti-slip, and spill containment features of epoxy flooring make it hands down the safest possible material to use in commercial kitchens where there is a high potential for spills, dropped heavy items, and extensive foot traffic, all while minimizing the chance for contamination of food items. The superior aesthetic quality and long lifespan make it a flooring option that restaurants can rely on for years and years to come. Finally, the quick and easy installation, easy maintenance, and durability are all economically friendly, which is what all restaurants need in the competitive landscape of the food industry. 

Get Epoxy for Your Commercial Kitchen

There’s no doubt about epoxy’s superiority as a flooring option for any restaurant. Restaurants should never compromise the aesthetic quality of their establishment for durability, longevity, or safety - but fortunately, with epoxy flooring, you don’t have to. 

Whether your restaurant or commercial kitchen needs a new floor right away, or if you have a few more questions for experts in epoxy, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team of professionals at Epoxy Colorado today!

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