Best Brewery Flooring Solutions

Best Brewery Flooring Solutions

April 8, 2024

Colorado proudly has one of the biggest brewery markets in the nation. Our breweries must consider the same sanitary and structural standards that the rest of the food and beverage industry faces. With a new brewery seemingly opening its doors to thirsty guests every week, we thought brewers would like to know what flooring solutions work best for their new establishments. From the experts at Epoxy Colorado, here is a guide to the best choice for brewery flooring. 

Things to Consider

A brewery isn’t just any restaurant or bar. Breweries have a complex process for delivering the drinks Coloradans love, including using heavy equipment, machinery, and special, acidic ingredients. 

On the one hand, heavy equipment and machinery mean there is usually a significant weight load on a brewery floor - even the most robust flooring solutions, such as concrete, can be put to the test, so breweries should consider investing in high-quality, load-bearing flooring solutions to ensure longevity and avoid expensive damage. 

Brewery flooring should also resist the different acidic ingredients used in brewing. Beer is naturally acidic, and spilling while brewing is not uncommon. Unfortunately, the acids within beer can harm certain flooring types, such as wood and unsealed cement. Thus, breweries should also consider investing in a sealed flooring solution that is resistant to harmful chemicals and acidic solutions. 

Finally, breweries must also be hygienic and safe to meet the requirements and standards of the food and beverage industry. Floors need to be non-porous to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria and easily sanitized. Furthermore, since breweries can easily incur spills, flooring should be slip-resistant to be as safe as possible for employees and patrons. 

A good brewery flooring solution will need strength for heavy loads, resistance against chemicals and acids, non-porous and sealed surfaces for sanitation purposes, and slip resistance for safety. 

Common Brewery Flooring Solutions

Typical brewery flooring includes either concrete or wood. Slabs of unsealed concrete are typically used in back-of-house areas where brewing occurs, generally due to their relative strength and ease of cleaning. Wood (or more concrete) is often used in seating areas to give breweries a cozy, comfortable aesthetic reminiscent of pubs throughout Europe. 

Unfortunately, concrete (especially unsealed) is not as sturdy as you might think - it’s prone to breaking and pitting, causing uneven and unsafe work surfaces, and can be worn down by acids and other harmful chemicals. Concrete can also release unhealthy dust in the air, which is terrible for breathing and the quality of beer produced. Wood, too, tends to be unsealed and porous, which is less sanitary and undoubtedly unable to withstand heavy loads. Both concrete and wood tend to get slippery when wet. 

Returning to the necessary traits of quality brewery flooring solutions (strength, chemical resistance, non-porous, sealed, and slip resistance), typical brewing floors seem insufficient. 

epoxy floor installation | Best Brewery Flooring Solutions | Epoxy Colorado

Epoxy Flooring - The Best Flooring Solution

We are happy to share that there is a better solution out there - in fact, it is the best when considering all the qualities a brewery needs. 

Epoxy flooring is a synthetic resin floor applied on top of existing concrete floors as a form of protection and decoration. It is based on a combination of resins and hardeners, which, when combined, form a very rigid, firm surface suitable for various environments. 

Epoxy flooring is perfect for commercial brewery environments. The advantages of epoxy include: 


Epoxy dries hard, allowing it to withstand high-traffic areas easily. It is incredibly durable, capable of withstanding high impact and significant weight, and holds up against high usage, chipping, and other forms of damage. It’s also non-porous, making it fully resistant to stains, completely sanitary, and easy to clean. You can expect it to last in high-quality condition for up to 20 years. We are so confident in our products that every floor we install has a lifetime warranty. 


Epoxy is an excellent option for those looking to spend less and get the most out of their floor coating. Epoxy is a great budget-friendly option, and due to its durability and longevity, it is an incredibly worthwhile investment compared to concrete or wood. 

Chemical Resistance

Epoxy is resistant to chemicals and acids like those found in beer. 


Epoxy floors can be customized to their owner's style preference. Our vinyl flake coatings are the most popular choice for those looking to spice up their dull concrete floor. Because they look great and have a modern aesthetic, they can be used in the brewing area as well as in the seating areas of your brewery. As a bonus, vinyl flakes create improved traction for slip-resistance benefits. 


Epoxy floors have a minimal impact on the environment. Plus, an epoxy floor installation releases a small amount of volatile organic compounds into the air.

Quick Installation

With a one-day installation, you can minimize the disruption to your customers and quickly return to your daily grind, knowing your floor will be protected for years. Breweries will only have to close their doors for one day for a complete flooring renovation! 

Epoxy Flooring for Your Colorado Brewery

Epoxy flooring is hands-down the best flooring solution for breweries, as it is strong, durable, chemical resistant, non-porous, and slip-resistant. Furthermore, it can be designed to match the desired aesthetic of your brewery and installed in a single day to minimize interruption for your customers. If you’re seeking the best flooring solution for your Colorado brewery or have more questions before getting started, don’t hesitate to contact Epoxy Colorado today!

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