What to Know Before Switching to Epoxy Flooring

What to Know Before Switching to Epoxy Flooring

December 18, 2023

Before selecting a new type of flooring in your home, it’s one thing to know about the financial benefits and the aesthetic improvement, but it is another thing entirely to know what it’s actually like owning the new flooring. Are there any indirect perks? Do you have to make any lifestyle changes?

In this guide, the experts at Epoxy Colorado walk through the nuances of epoxy flooring ownership to give you a better idea of what it’s like to have it as your flooring system. Read on to have a balanced, unbiased perspective on all you need to know before switching to epoxy flooring.

Why Switch to Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy is a type of flooring material that can be used in many ways throughout a home. Epoxy is used to produce adhesives, paints, plastics, coatings, primers, sealers, and flooring. Broken down, epoxy contains components/products of epoxy resins (epoxy polymers). These resins help bind the various types of epoxy flooring layers and a hardening component to create the end product for your epoxy floor.

Typically, you don’t have to remove your current flooring to install an epoxy flooring system. As long as the new epoxy flooring can bond to the current flooring you have installed, the epoxy flooring will become a top layer without extra concerns or additional costs.


There are several advantages to epoxy flooring, including:

  • An economical and affordable flooring option
  • Resistant to weather, damage, and extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Long lifespan


There are also some downsides, including: 

  • Hazardous installation (fumes; ventilation required)
  • Long installation (average 72 hours; small projects 24 hours)
  • Extremely slippery when wet (unless non-slip additives are included, but usually costs more)

Lifestyle Changes

Owning an epoxy floor inherently comes with some required lifestyle changes.

Some convenient changes await you, such as reduced maintenance compared to concrete floors and most other flooring types. Furthermore, you need no longer worry about dropping heavy equipment or tools, creating frequent stains, or operating on heavy machinery - epoxy floors are resistant to high-impact damage, completely non-porous, and heavy-load bearing.

Because epoxy floors are seamless and non-porous, liquid and water will be retained far more effectively. This can lead to lifestyle changes in that if a room previously depended on water or other liquids seeping into the ground, epoxy flooring will make any draining issues extremely obvious. The only way out for water is through a drain, so epoxy flooring may increase the need for properly positioned and correctly installed draining systems.

Indirect Benefits

  • Easier and quicker cleanup compared to any flooring material
  • Happier homeowner with flooring that matches style preferences
  • Long-term health and safety improvements due to liquid containment effectiveness
  • Fast installation and maintenance lead to fewer interruptions for businesses and homeowners. 

Different Maintenance Requirement

Epoxy flooring has some differences in its maintenance requirements compared to other flooring options. One major difference that may lead to a change in lifestyle is that you’ll no longer be able to use bleach or acidic cleaning agents. Acidic cleaners (such as ammonia and citrus) can erode epoxy's surface, leading to a dull and discolored look over time. Vinegar (an acidic cleaner) can react with the chemicals used in epoxy, breaking down the bond between epoxy resin and floor, leading to delamination and causing ultimate flooring failure. 

Epoxy flooring is thus more specific about what cleaning agents can be used on it, and this might require a homeowner to dispose of their old, unusable cleaners and purchase new, compatible ones.

Financial Future

An investment in epoxy flooring will also likely transform your financial outlook. On one hand, epoxy is slightly more expensive upfront than concrete, but the long-term repercussions are significant. Epoxy lasts at least 20 years when installed correctly, and it has minimal need and cost for maintenance. By owning a product built to last, your lifestyle may change in that you will no longer be worried about how soon your concrete flooring will fail, and the total amount of money you spend on maintenance and repairs will be reduced. 

With more money and greater peace of mind, epoxy flooring lets you focus your time and resources on important things like family and friends. 

The Bottom Line

When investing in a new asset, making the most informed decision without knowing what it’s like to own it is hard. Epoxy is a type of flooring that has benefits well beyond the product’s listed features: it has the ability to reduce stress and anxiety, lower your yearly expenditures, and lead to a happier and healthier standard of living. 

Are you or someone you know considering what it’s like to own epoxy flooring? 

Epoxy Colorado is Colorado’s number one choice for epoxy installations. We specialize in an array of flooring coatings for:

  • Garages
  • Basements
  • Patios
  • Restaurant kitchens
  • Warehouses
  • Commercial spaces

Contact our friendly team of professionals to get more clarity on the ownership of epoxy today!

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